Welcome to Olden Associates

Olden Associates is an experienced engineering firm dedicated to providing clients with solutions to their business and engineering problems. With services ranging from consulting on commercial litigation matters to assistance with residential structural evaluations, the diversity of our practice and the depth of our experience is unique. We provide quality engineering services for owners, architects, insurers, realtors and contractors.

At Olden Associates, we help our clients solve their problems by providing superior quality service. The cornerstone of our service is the timely delivery of reliable, objective information and analysis. Our professionals possess the strong analytical and communication skills needed to interact successfully with the client enabling them to focus on the effective solutions available.

To deliver the best possible service, we provide the professional experience and qualifications necessary to meet the unique needs of our clients and the individual engagement demands. Because we are an independent firm, we provide our clients and others with an impartial and objective view of the issues they face in a given project or dispute, significantly increasing the possibility of a prompt and equitable resolution to complex business problems.

At Olden Associates, our primary objective is to help our clients achieve timely and cost effective solutions to their business problems. From design and engineering solutions to troubled constructions projects and complex litigation matters, the breadth of our services and our extensive professional experience make us ideally suited to help our clients solve their problems.